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Invention Teklink A.S. It is a mask that contains different features, invented by the company official, Mustafa Calis, and covers all facial features. The protective digital mask is formed by bringing together parts with various features. These consist of glasses that cover the eyes with their sides, a digital indicator tape on the forehead, a mask that covers the mouth and nose, and protective fabric parts that cover the head. The invention can be used in all necessary sectors, especially in the health sector, mining sector, Tunnel, Chemical Factories, Laboratories, Medical sector.

Since the protective smart mask has a modular structure, it can also be used in separate parts when deemed necessary. Protective smart mask, N95 mask, goggles, Nano Cover, Pulse Meter, Thermometer, Blood Pressure Meter Gas filter, contains sensors to detect bacteria in the mouth and environment. And with many sensors, many optional features can be added. The N95 mask part can be thrown away and replaced with a new N95 mask when needed. In addition, optional graduated glasses can be added to the mask.

The mask, which is used in the treatment of various epidemics and infectious diseases in the health sector, will protect the mouth and nose with the N95 mask, on the other hand, and will provide the opportunity to inform with the digital screen in the forehead area thanks to the sensors that measure the temperature automatically or manually. The feature of measuring the gases coming from outside will also enable the detection of various harmful gases. With the bacteria detection filter and gas detection filter located at the bottom of the protective digital mask, it will be able to detect the bacteria in the mouth and in the environment. In addition, it will communicate with bluetooth and automatically provide communication with mobile applications.

The detailed features of the protective digital mask with a modular structure are given below.

Headband with a temperature measuring screen: It is the screen that will allow the temperature to be measured automatically or manually, thanks to the digital screen, in case of fever of healthcare workers in intensive care or surgery, thanks to the sensors. The tape tape connected to the temperature measuring screen can be used as a tape on the forehead area, as well as providing the opportunity to use it as a whole with the mask. Thanks to the tabs on the bottom, it can be attached to or separated from the glasses.

Ear thermometer sensor: Thanks to the heat sensors placed in the ear area, it is ensured that the health worker personnel or doctors whose fever rises send information to the digital screen.

Protective nano fabric: Thanks to nano technology, it will be mounted on certain points of the face mask and will protect the head area from virus. Optionally, only mask or mask and nano fabric can be used together.

Gas meter display: It will inform the screen after warning of the gas ratio in the environment with the help of sensors.

Bacteria meter display: It will enable the bacteria in the environment to be transferred as information on the screen.

Protective glasses: With its spacious structure, it can be used optionally with a digital screen band or integrated with a mask, as well as it has the opportunity to be used only as glasses in surgeries in terms of cost. The sides are completely closed.

Intraoral bacteria test: Thanks to a special equipment placed in the mask, it will detect the bacteria in the mouth.

Gas detection filter: It will absorb the toxic gases formed in the environment, detect the toxic gases and transmit them to the screen on the forehead band.

It has the feature of transferring data such as blood pressure, heart rate, calories and steps taken to the screen and mobile application.

Bacteria detection filter: It will detect the bacteria in the environment and transmit it to the screen on the forehead band.

N95 mask: The mask is in a modular structure and will provide protection in a modular structure with optional independent optional integrated equipment.

The fact that the mask consists of 4 parts (mask, goggles, forehead band, Nano cover) is optionally used separately, optionally working as a whole provides an economic advantage. Digital mask is a mask project open to development with many sensors. For example, it can be added in features such as heart rate measurement, blood pressure, sugar measurement, etc. The digital mask will have image reading feature. Thanks to the Bluetooth feature, it will be possible to communicate between mobile phones and mobile applications and the mask. In addition, as a smart mask cloud service, the data will be transmitted over the data center and information will be transferred to the institutions as a cloud service.