TEKLINK, with its expert staff, offers professional integration solutions in Telecom, IT, Network and Remote control projects in the sector. In this context, by highlighting the boutique integrator identity in the sector;

– With the corporate identity of the system integrator; With its technological equipment and technical competence in automation and / or IT engineering, it primarily designs the work, develops project – software, commissions the system and provides service.

– It provides solutions to end users at the most affordable cost by taking different products produced by manufacturers and adding added value (process information, efficiency increase, appropriate software development, etc.) to them. What we mean by solution here is to blend technology with products, services and information, and to respond to the customer’s needs in a short time with the right solution.

– TEKLINK works with the mission of a company that creates a strategy by understanding the real needs of the customer with the identity of an integrator, instead of bidding on an existing specification, as many integrator companies in the market do.

– TEKLINK is constantly asking “where can I make a difference?” in order to maximize the recommended company image. It asks the question to itself and aims at plus customer satisfaction by striving for all kinds of differences that can provide added value to the customer, on top of the defined work.

Wouldn't you like CRM or Commercial programs to be integrated with the Telephone Exchange?

We provide API support for integration between IP-based exchanges and CRM, Accounting Program and specially developed Commercial software. With Teklink Telekom expert software staff, integration can now be done easily.