Teklink ERP

It consists of the words “Enterprise Resource Planning”, which means Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is information systems in which all data and processes of an organization are integrated at a single point. Generally, ERP systems contain many components, including hardware and software. Most ERP systems use a federated database to store data from a large number of functions across the organization in order to achieve integration.

It is the general name given to integrated management systems that enable the efficient use of resources such as labor, machinery, materials required for the production of goods and services in enterprises. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are generally easy-to-use systems that try to bring together or help bring together all of a business’s data and operations. A classical ERP software uses various software and hardware of the computer to process. ERP systems basically use an integrated database where different data can be stored.

Enterprise resource planning is a system designed to combine all the resources of the enterprise and use it efficiently. Although the concept of ERP was first used in production environments; Today, ERP systems are pronounced in a much wider area. ERP systems can gather all the basic operations of the business under its own structure, regardless of the business area or name of a business. Businesses, nonprofits, foundations, governments or other entities can use ERP systems.