Advantages of Using Cloud (Virtual) PBX

No Investment Cost

You do not pay any installation fee for the cloud exchange. Used with monthly rental model.

Quick Setup

Your cloud plant is ready in half a day. You can start using immediately

Cloud PBX is Safe.

Access to the cloud exchange is possible only by designated static IPs. Attack prevention system and various security measures have been taken

It is easy to use.

Cloud switchboard interface is simple and useful. Reporting by accessing the web interface, accessing audio recordings, viewing the busy panel, etc. You can easily do the operations.

Expanding is Easy.

Increasing the internal and external line capacity in the cloud exchange is easy and inexpensive. It is sufficient to use an IP phone for each internal increase.

You Can Integrate With Our CRM.

You can integrate the cloud exchange with the CRM you have used.

No Commitment.

You do not undertake any commitment for Bulut Santral (Virtual Switchboard). You have the possibility to terminate the service at any time.

Uninterrupted Access / Communication

Since it is hosted in the cloud central datacenter environment, it does not suffer from internet and power cuts. Your number is not affected by outages at your location.

Free Support, Maintenance and Update

You do not pay any extra fees for cloud exchange updates. Support and maintenance service is free.

High Capacity.

You can receive high-capacity calls and make calls simultaneously in the cloud switchboard system.

Redundancy, Intelligent Routing

Bulut Santral (Virtual Switchboard) automatically forwards your calls to your mobile phones in case the internet in your location is cut off.

It's Easy to Move.

You can use your virtual switchboard wherever there is an internet network. In cases such as moving, it is sufficient to carry only your ip phones.

What is Virtual PBX (Cloud PBX)?

Virtual Switchboard is an internet-based new generation telephone exchange that replaces old-style physical analog telephone exchanges, provides services over the Internet with virtualization technology, and you can use the switchboard features wherever there is internet, whether in office or mobile phones.

The virtual switchboard (cloud switchboard), which replaces the old-style analog telephone switchboards and provides 80% operational advantage, does not require the establishment of a physical switchboard requiring investment costs and operates entirely over the Internet. It is your own office in a virtualized world wherever there is Internet!

You can get rid of power plant failures, service and part fees, complex cable structures, and manage it yourself without paying support fees with its technological, flexible structure and user-friendly interface.

You can meet the telephone exchange needs of all your branches and reset your inter-branch communication costs with a single virtual switchboard without having to invest in a separate switchboard for each of your branches.

In addition to the video communication system, we transform mobile phones into internals. With API support, we provide integration with your desired CRM and commercial software.