Teklink Smart Home Systems

They are nano technology building automation control systems that make home life easier and provide security. Transforming the living spaces into a more comfortable, safer and more enjoyable place by integrating them with developing technologies is briefly defined as a smart home. In this system, all devices can be easily controlled with a single control with a visual display, instead of the complexity of many controls used in the house. In this way, the freedom to control the desired area from any point of the house, the control of curtains and blinds, the use of multi-zone music or another device, with the same remote control is offered. With the electrical switches and sockets used at home, smart home automations, many jobs can be done at the same time with the touch of a button. Together, these systems are an indispensable part of smart buildings. In this way, devices such as air conditioners and ovens can be operated away from home.
When you reach the house, you can reach the easy aspects of life with a warm and lively atmosphere and a ready meal. In addition, the fuses can be turned off with the remote control, and the rooms of the house can be monitored with a camera. Home automation systems offer many possibilities. For example, it provides maximum benefit from daylight by controlling the lighting control of the desired area from any point of the house, curtains and blinds. Its sensors automatically adjust the brightness in the house and provide energy consumption. When leaving the house, it closes all doors, light switches and electrical devices with a single button. Alerts for doors and windows that remain open. By controlling devices such as combi boilers, air conditioners, and ovens, it provides a ready and warm environment when you come home. When he is away from the house for a long time, he acts as if he is living in the house by irregularly opening and closing the curtains, blinds and lights, playing loud music at regular intervals. The garden is watered at specified times.

Teklink Smart Office Systems

offers energy-saving solutions. Whether your office is in a single location or in multiple locations, you can monitor your office 24/7 with Teklink and save energy with automation scenarios. All parts of your office are just a mobile phone away.
Security Always On
Even if your employees forget to set the alarm, Teklink Smart Automation Systems will remind you. You can activate your alarm automatically at a certain time of the day or when no motion is detected in your office for a certain period of time.

Teklink Smart Building Systems

In order to increase the energy efficiency of smart buildings, it is a system in which the energy consumption of the buildings can be controlled automatically with the equipment in the building.
The most important task of the smart building is to ensure that the energy consumption of the building is at the lowest level without compromising the user comfort. As in the whole world, a very important proportion of total energy in our country is air conditioners, heating and ventilation systems, lighting, etc. in order to keep the user comfort at the highest level in buildings. such vehicles are automatically controlled.

The most important goal of smart buildings is to increase energy efficiency in buildings, to keep user comfort at the highest level and to keep the energy consumed at a minimum level.
Intelligent buildings have many features together, they contain equipment that exceeds expectations. However, it is desired to use the energy at the lowest level in order to carry out the desired works and processes. A smart building should serve in the most economical way throughout its service life. To achieve this, many systems are used in an organized manner:

building automation system
-Energy management system
-Energy control system
-Central control and monitoring system

In a region like our country with sufficient potential in terms of solar energy, all design parameters, especially the building envelope, are passive systems designed to adjust themselves to environmental effects, and mechanical, electrical, and mechanical and electrical components that can work in full harmony with these system elements in order to benefit from the desired effects of the sun and wind and to be protected from their undesirable effects. Buildings with electronic and automation systems are considered real smart buildings. We can give an example of smart buildings, Maltepe Yeshiil Residence, which is GN İNŞAAT’s A+ project.
The leading criteria and basic features of being a ‘Smart Building’ in our country are the existence of a card entry system, the smartness of air conditioning, ventilation, fire detection, alarm, security, lighting and elevator systems, as well as the fact that these systems are controlled and managed from a single center without any problems.